• Safety——Heavy Life Support

    With the continuous development of urbanization and continuous improvement of the living environment, the demand for elevator traffic in cities is getting larger and larger, and people's requirements for riding experience are also getting higher and higher ...

  • Intelligent——Wisdom Changes Life

    Leiman Elevator inherits the exquisite manufacturing technology in Finland, convinced that the only way to ensure the perfect quality elevator operation.

  • Energy Saving——Always care for the environment

    Leiman elevator permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine technology, effectively avoiding the gear transmission torsional vibration and loss, less energy consumption, to achieve low-noise and efficient energy-saving mode of operation

Undertake the United States To China

Leiman Technologies (USA) Ltd. in partnership with Leiman Elevator (Hong Kong) Ltd.Established Leiman Elevator Ltd. in China. Leiman Elevator Co., Ltd. integrates R & D, manufacturing, sales, installation and maintenance of elevators. With the combination of global technology and local spirit, Leiman Elevator Co., Ltd. provides customers with safe, environmentally friendly, intelligent and comfortable solutions for vertical passenger transportation. Rigorous and meticulous Jing-shing, providing quality products and services for the global urbanization process. Leiman Elevator always adheres to the corporate tenet of "Honesty, Innovation and Communication" and takes "Technology, Quality and Vision" as foundation of its business. It takes responsibility for sustainable development of green and low-consumption elevator products, and continues to reform and build a complete Design, manufacture, installation, testing and maintenance of one-stop service system is a reliable guarantee for the safe, stable and efficient operation of elevators and escalators.


Urban Vertical Traffic

As a leading supplier of elevators, Lehman Elevator offers its customers premium elevator and escalator systems with world-class technology and manufacturing processes, creating you the ultimate in dependable products, competitive pricing and a perfect service experience. the value of. What you get is never a solution, but a diverse set of solutions.

Leading Intelligent, Full Protection

Leiman Elevator concept of professional services will penetrate to each country running equipment, fast and professional installation, safe and reliable maintenance content, filling the perfect elevator service concept.

  • Intelligent Customization.

    Leiman Elevator will build a customized product design platform, customers can choose from the platform car replacement, function matching, the platform will automatically generate product decoration and hoistway design.

  • Intelligent Production

    Leiman Elevator rely on the industrial 4.0 manufacturing system to achieve intelligent production of elevator products and quality traceability tracking system to ensure that every one of the product quality and quality control management.

  • Smart Interaction

    Not limited to carrying space, Leiman Elevator will be integrated into more intelligent interactive experience, so that the elevator can be seen playing can be interactive.

  • Smart Service

    Use the Internet + NB-IoT to establish an intelligent service system, providing customers with remote service anytime, anywhere, for the user to solve the problem.

Elevator Solution Experts

Committed to providing passengers with a full range of safe transportation system. Adhering to the advanced international elevator technology, especially the introduction of the United States advanced safety design concepts for the Chinese market to provide a more secure, reliable, environmentally friendly and efficient elevator full range of products and services at the same time also meet the individual needs of customers to provide innovative and energy-efficient Product design overall solution.

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